Make your own dive logbook!

August 14, 2006

I was just unsatisfied with the clumsy logbooks i could find in scuba shops, not to say that they were unreasonably overpriced, so i decided to make my own and i wanted to share the templates and the final result with anyone interested in making their own… So let’s go directly to the pictures of the final result:

Logbook photo 1 Logbook photo 2

The logbook is pretty small and handy, so that i can easily carry it with me anywhere and record the details of my dive on the go! In the second photo you can see it compared with my pens and my dive computer, to get you an idea of the dimensions! To make this logbook you’ll need: – printer and paper 😉 – cutter – binding skills and materials – photoshop skills if you are going to edit my template. You just have to print a sheet with templates on it, cut it and bind it yourself or go have it bound at some office
store. You can make it any pages long, till you’ll run out of patience while cutting out the templates. A single A4 sheet can hold up to four logbook pages! I suggest you to put some clear plastic sheets as the first and last pages of your logbook to prevent it from getting wet and blurry if you print with an inkjet. And now the templates. Feel free to modify and print your own and let me know if you use it!

logbook front logbook back

To record the times of your dive just fill with black the appropriate segments on the 88:88 timers, that’s very good looking. It is not necessary to print out the back side: i haven’t and there is only a graphic layout for things and notes you’d normally write on the blank back of the sheet. If you are a photoshop geek and you want to modify my templates i can send them by email: drop me a line at davide dot candiloro at gmail dot com Have fun, modify and edit my logbook to suit your needs… and what
matters the most… have some good dives! 😉